Email: contact@localux.lu
Adresse: Rue Um Bruch 136, 6717 Tontelange,Belgique


[wd_image_with_text layout=”4″ title=”Equipment Service &
Maintenance” image=”510″ url=”#” text=”Streamline on and off renting and billing pro…” icon=”fa fa-rocket”][wd_image_with_text layout=”4″ title=”Measure Profitable
Results” image=”514″ url=”#” text=”Audit and reduce rental expenses and transa…” icon=”fa fa-refresh”]
[wd_image_with_text layout=”4″ title=”Manage
Your Fleet” image=”512″ url=”#” text=”Stay proactively informed, based on business ..” icon=”fa fa-snowflake-o”][wd_image_with_text layout=”4″ title=”Deliver Top
Performance” image=”515″ url=”#” text=”Prevent extra rental days and costs on unuse…” icon=”fa fa-home”]
[wd_image_with_text layout=”4″ title=”Rental Protection
Plan (RPP)” image=”513″ url=”#” text=”Split costs between different jobs for better …” icon=”fa fa-cog”][wd_image_with_text layout=”4″ title=”Pinpoint the exact
locations” image=”516″ url=”#” text=”typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart”]